What is Freedom?

Everybody wants it but nobody understands it. See, the colonialists as they made our ancestors suffer, ‘freedom’ we cried and surely we got it but look at us now politicians acting like colonialists suppressing the lower class, stealing, bribing and bringing the country down, is this really freedom??

Everybody wants it but nobody understands it, see our dying culture, women lacking respect for themselves in the name of being modern, dignity has become a strange word; a hidden vocabulary, virginity lost its meaning and women have been made slaves of sexuality, they smile during the day but soak their pillows in tears during the night because they know it ain’t love…
Not to forget the men who’ve forgotten what man hood is. Alcohol, women and money have become the definition of manhood and when they find a good woman, a diamond in the ruff, they will lie, deceive, manipulate and bring her down the level of a basic prostitute and this men will brag about it like he’s conquered the world but is he happy? When all women he’s associated with wish him a painful death, are you happy when women reject you because of your ways, are you happy being tied down by who you are? And we all say we’re grown up so we’re free to do whatever we want but don’t you think you’d be happier tied to the rules?
Everybody wants it but nobody understands it, see men and women of this society can’t go a day with out some type of high, alcohol or drugs, I can’t say one is better than the other. We say that we are afraid of demons and that we don’t know what we would do if we saw them well let me update you, the real demons of this society are alcohol and drugs that have bound us with chains of addiction such that we can’t live without them, we all of a sudden can’t work without them, can’t make decisions without them, we have to use them so that we can think. What happened to, ‘you make the best decisions when your sober’, slaves that’s what we are. Is this really freedom or are we mistaken.

Everybody wants it but nobody understands it. See the youths if this generation we indulge in promiscuity that results in teenage pregnancies, and one will say, ‘let me abort, I’ll free myself from a huge responsibility’ but the thoughts of the child you lost haunt you forever or you say, ‘I’ll keep it’, but then this bundle of joy makes you a mockery of society, your future comes to a standstill, and there you are again bound by your poor choice of decisions, well is that freedom, which ever you picked is that really freedom?

What really is freedom? It’s nothing physical, it has nothing to do with words, ‘you are free’ but so what? Freedom is a state of mind, releasing yourself from the clutches of worldly materials, doing what is right because you know best, and when you make a mistake? Forgive yourself pick the pieces you are left with and move on. Strive for growth in all aspects keep moving forward but with a clean heart and right decisions and even when it’s hard make sure you make the right decisions because even at the toughest times the right choices set you free, set your mind free. Freedom is peace of mind, the calm you feel in your heart when everything is going right. Freedom is not about the country or the society or your peers, freedom is all about you, your feelings, your actions and your thoughts. You hold the key to your freedom.


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